Lemon Grilled Whole Tilapia with Grilled Bell Pepper Salsa

Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you my first ever recipe contest entry! If you have a Food.com account, please send me some review love. Ingredients: (serves 4, with a side of bread or salad) 2 whole tilapia, gutted, fins clipped and cleaned very, very well. 7 cloves of garlic (smash 2 cloves, finely chop … Continue reading

Stuff In My Kitchen: DIY Coffeemaker Carafe Replacement

Our coffee carafe broke last week, and I didn’t have time to get a replacement. And I need coffee to function! Here’s my GENIUS yet ghetto replacement. I have a 4-cup coffeemaker (because this is a household of two people, and our small counter space doesn’t allow it.) In any case, this hack totally tells … Continue reading

“Scrambled” Scallion Eggs

Once scallions are sliced, they have the tendency to dry up and wilt within 2-3 days in the fridge. Put your excess scallions to good use by adding them to your eggs! Ingredients (serves 2): Scallions (I’d say this is about 1/4 cup? The scallions were left over from another dish, so I really don’t … Continue reading

Grilled Whole Tilapia – the Filipino Way (and how to clean out fish guts!)

I love fish! I love it more after I moved here in the US because i don’t have it as much as I used to back in the Philippines. The fish I saw in the big grocers are filleted, come in stick form inside boxes (fish sticks) and whatever shape it was that didn’t involve … Continue reading

Grilled (Chinese) Eggplants

Grilled Eggplants are one of those things that are way too simple to add to a party menu that you dont think about having them, especially when there is ribs involved. I like having it on the table because they are easy to make, and I know that my guests and I psychologically balance all … Continue reading

Chinese Style Ribs Cheat Sheet

I love ribs! There’s nothing better than having a nice rack of ribs to share with family and friends. Marinate this baby DAYS ahead of baking time and you will surely have finger licking goodness. Ingredients: A rack of Pork Ribs Koon Chun BBQ Sauce (Any chinese style bbq sauce will do, like Lee Kum … Continue reading

Garlic and Butter Grilled Mussels

I love making this dish, either as part of the meal or as an appetizer – It’s easy, and it’s cheap to make. If you don’t have a grill – baking them in your oven is good too. Go ahead, impress your seafood-loving friends. Ingredients: One box frozen New Zealand Greenshell Mussels (the Asian supermarket … Continue reading

Rosemary and Garlic Roast Beef

a.k.a. Albert and Nina Beefchetta This recipe came about because my friend Albert asked me to bring some olive oil and garlic basting sauce for grilled shrimp and Nina, my neighbor gave me a huge bunch of rosemary. The basting sauce? I forgot to bring it to the beach for the shrimp. I don’t like … Continue reading

Turbo Chicken

Ingredients: One Whole Chicken Soy Sauce White Vinegar (don’t use balsamic – you’ll just waste it.) 1 Lemon 3 cloves or more Garlic Tomato Onions* (Red, Yellow or Shallots – Doesn’t matter. Use whatever you have. I prefer shallots out of convenience – I don’t like leftover onions sitting in the fridge.) Special Equipment: Gallon-Size … Continue reading

Stuff in My Kitchen: Turbo Broiler

The modern Filipino Kitchen, imho is not complete without this nifty little turbo broiler. (fyi, it is the same as “turbo oven”) There is only one reason why I recommend it: IT IS AWESOME. Click here for more facts about the turbo broiler. ***** I own the Sunpentown Brand turbo oven and I LOVE IT. … Continue reading

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