Kitchen Gadgets I cant live without (for now)

While I should say that I can’t live without a knife and a chopping block – I am assuming that all kitchens would have it, so here are my three things… Rice Cooker – If you didn’t know yet, I’m Filipino. I eat EVERYTHING with rice. I know how to cook rice on a stovetop, … Continue reading

Papri Chat Assembly

Papri Chat Buffet While buffets are usually easy to navigate – a papri chat is one part of the Indian buffet that needs quite a bit of a lesson in assembly. This dish is suited to the taste of the one who is going to eat it and has as many permutations as a lottery … Continue reading

Filipino Spaghetti Recipe Using Ingredients From American Supermarkets

Spaghetti with Hotdogs and Ham + Birthday Cake = Birthday Party! If you tell me that there is a birthday party, you can expect that I will be counting “the amount of sleeps” before it happens. While I will be excited about the balloons and the party favors, nothing gets me to be more enthused … Continue reading

Spam Is Better Fried Masthead Recipe

I made this masthead for my friend Roxwriting. This started out as a joke on the weekend that both of us had nothing to do and we were making fun of her blog title. Staring at it makes me want to eat it. Ingredients: 1 Can of Spam A pat of butter Some Olive Oil … Continue reading

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