Kitchen Gadgets I cant live without (for now)

While I should say that I can’t live without a knife and a chopping block – I am assuming that all kitchens would have it, so here are my three things…

Rice Cooker – If you didn’t know yet, I’m Filipino. I eat EVERYTHING with rice. I know how to cook rice on a stovetop, but nothing beats making rice in the plug and flick way.(if you click on the link, mine comes with a steamer attachment)
Jar Opener – I don’t have a strong grip and this makes me feel like the Incredible Hulk. It is like a rubberized hanky that you put over your jar which helps you grip the cover tight. Then you twist. I know of other jar opening contraptions but this stores ultra flat. Its washable too!

Kuhn Rikon Vegetable Peeler – I discovered the joys of this vegetable peeler from my husband! It’s actually his and I LOVE IT! it peels squash!! Imagine. SQUASH! Carrots? Hah! You *gently* glide this baby on it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

**btw, I do not have a blue themed kitchen. It was purely coincidence that the jar opener and peeler are blue.

8 Responses to “Kitchen Gadgets I cant live without (for now)”
  1. Ann says:

    i cannot live without a rice cooker too… i eat rice way too much! or a kettle..cause i drink coffee everyday

  2. LOL! I dunno about you, but my weight goes down when i eat rice (instead of bread or pasta). So ironic that my *weight loss programs* involves cooking for myself… and some dancing on Xbox Kinect!

  3. Sorry I missed this last week! I love the rice cooker– wish we had one as I imagine it cooks perfectly every time!

  4. Melissa, one day, I will make a post on how to make perfect rice. ON STOVETOP!you know whats odd? I only learned how to use a rice cooker when i moved to the US.

  5. prolix says:

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  6. Adam says:

    I have a similar peeler. Bought it from the late Joe Ades, the peeler hawker you\’d often see in Union Square –

    He made using that thing seem so easy, cutting ribbons of carrots, even julienning them with the damn thing. I have never been able to do what he demonstrated, but I love that peeler.

    This reminds me … we need a jar opener like yours. Thanks!

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