Cleaning, Cooking and Eating Head-On Shrimps (Halabos Na Hipon)

Shrimps/Prawns cooked this way is the ultimate rich people food back in the Philippines. The bigger, the better. All I know is that it costs more than beef, chicken, fish and pork. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if house parties are judged by the amount and size of shrimp served at the dinner … Continue reading

Chicken and Rice Porridge: How to Make Arroz Caldo in Pictures

Arroz caldo is actually a Chinese congee that was adapted to the tastes of the Spanish colonial settlers who patronised Chinese restaurants in the Philippines. -Wikipedia Funny enough, I had to check out Wikipedia how this dish comes about. In its plain basic form, Lugaw – it is just a rice porridge with no meat. … Continue reading

Fried Whole Fish: Make It, Debone It & Eat It!

Growing up in Manila (Philippines), fried fish is usually on the dinner table. I loved having fried fish for dinner because this means that I can douse my rice pink with banana ketchup. As a child, I didn’t know what fish sticks are, and I first learned about fish fillet from McDonald’s Fillet O’Fish Sandwich. … Continue reading

Papri Chat Assembly

Papri Chat Buffet While buffets are usually easy to navigate – a papri chat is one part of the Indian buffet that needs quite a bit of a lesson in assembly. This dish is suited to the taste of the one who is going to eat it and has as many permutations as a lottery … Continue reading

Shrimp and Chive Dumplings in Noodle Soup

I love Hong Kong style dumplings. The wrapper is there merely to hold the filling together. Between these and the more usual doughy dumplings, I will pick these any day. It was to my delight to find out about Sifu Chio thanks to Yelp. The glowing reviews sent me my merry way. You see, I … Continue reading

How to eat Pho: In Photos

I will pretty much eat anything placed in front of me. However, when I first encountered pho, I didn’t understand why it has a cult following. it was bland, and i just didn’t get it – yet. My friend Grishan taught me how to eat pho. It was with a bad bout of sinusitis, unresponsive … Continue reading

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