Stuff In My Kitchen: Upcycled Pantry Organizers

We all long for that beautiful and organized kitchen. The stuff that magazine pictures are made of! Sigh. Those beautiful containers add up, I know. I own 2-3 of them and I couldn’t bring myself to buy more than what I have now. Thank god for my husband’s love for chocolate milk. His addiction has … Continue reading

Cheap Makeup Organizers

After moving to this present apartment, I was happy to have three huge medicine cabinets with “moviestar”  lighting. I know it is a dream come true to most women but the storage is less than 4″ deep. I scoured through stores and I couldnt find anything that would fit, or was cheap. So for a … Continue reading

Spam Is Better Fried Masthead Recipe

I made this masthead for my friend Roxwriting. This started out as a joke on the weekend that both of us had nothing to do and we were making fun of her blog title. Staring at it makes me want to eat it. Ingredients: 1 Can of Spam A pat of butter Some Olive Oil … Continue reading

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