Stuff In My Kitchen: DIY Coffeemaker Carafe Replacement

Our coffee carafe broke last week, and I didn’t have time to get a replacement. And I need coffee to function! Here’s my GENIUS yet ghetto replacement.

I have a 4-cup coffeemaker (because this is a household of two people, and our small counter space doesn’t allow it.) In any case, this hack totally tells you to DO IT YOURSELF!

One of the things that makes your coffee pot/carafe is its “cover”. It pushes up the plug that stops your coffee from spilling from the brewing basket if the carafe is absent from the bottom. So let it be known that a vessel big enough to hold the coffee is not enough – you need to push the coffee out yourself with a fork!

It works like a charm! When you need coffee, desperate times call for desperate measures.

You’re welcome.

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