Stuff in My Kitchen: Turbo Broiler

The modern Filipino Kitchen, imho is not complete without this nifty little turbo broiler. (fyi, it is the same as “turbo oven”)


Yes, my turbo broiler is on the floor. I dont have enough storage or counter space. It is also easier to get food in and out because the sides of the pan get really hot.

There is only one reason why I recommend it:


Click here for more facts about the turbo broiler.


I own the Sunpentown Brand turbo oven and I LOVE IT. Get yours in the United States through these links

I dont know what’s up with the “infrared turbo oven” and I personally won’t buy it because I know nothing about it. FYI, they dont sell the turbo broiler/turbo oven in stores. If you plan to buy one for yourself, buy it from a store with a good return policy. I got mine through


Here are some of my recipes:

Stella Dacuma Schour Porchetta Cooking With Stellaaa-148

Stella Porchetta Made in a Turbo Oven

Stella Dacuma Schour Turbo Duck Recipe Cooking With Stellaaa-120

Turbo Duck (Crispy Skin Roast Duck in 90minutes or less)

AKA Albert and Nina Beefchetta

Rosemary and Garlic Roast Beef

Turbo Chicken

Turbo Chicken

3 Responses to “Stuff in My Kitchen: Turbo Broiler”
  1. Elizabeth Field says:

    Very interesting. Never knew about this gizmo.

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