Dirty Dick’s Drumsticks

Meet Dick and his hot sauce. He’s a nice guy. He makes Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce.


  • Chicken Drumsticks, cleaned and rinsed. You can use chicken wings too.
  • Fish Sauce (find it in an Asian store)
  • Cooking Oil or DRIPPINGS. For this recipe, I used the Stellaaa Porchetta drippings.

Special Equipment:

  • Resealable Bag (the ziploc kind)
  • grill (yes, you can oven roast it too, but I don’t have conversion & procedure)
  • basting brush


At its thickest side, slit the drumsticks all the way through the bone. This makes it faster and easier to cook! It also stops me from worrying if it’s still raw inside 😉

Pour about 4 Tablespoons of fish sauce. In the Philippines, we call it patis (like “patisserie, without the serie”). This is slightly different from the Thai kind, but if you have that on hand – that’s okay. I use fish sauce because it gets absorbed by the chicken faster, and it seasons it all the way to the bone.  My Tita Jing makes her fried chicken with a marinade of fish sauce and pepper, so thanks to her I usually marinate chicken in patis.

Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce goes in next. A couple of shakes will do you good. This sauce is sweet-spicy with an awesome finish.

Massage the chicken in the marinade for a short while then store in a resealable bag, for even distribution of flavor. You can let it marinate in the fridge for 48 hours if you want to make it ahead, but in this case, it is okay to marinate it for about 15 minutes. Remember to keep turning it if marinating longer.

Make sure you let all the air out so the chicken will be covered with marinade on all sides. And to keep air out. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes. If you don’t want to waste a baggie, just toss the chicken every 5 minutes in the bowl.

Combine Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce and cooking oil in a small bowl. I’m using drippings from the Stellaaa Porchetta that I previously made. I generally store drippings in a jar and keep it for future use like this! It’s really “super special lard”.

Mix well. It looks weird, but hey, it’s all good! Mmm. Mmm. NO, DONT EAT IT NOW.

After the marinade wait is over… lay out the chicken on a preheated and greased grill.

Brush the chicken with marinade one last time.

Cover the grill and let it cook halfway, about 10 mins. When the chicken attains this char, turn them over!

After turning all of them, baste it with the oil/special lard + Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce. Repeat on other side, and let it grill until it is cooked.

Voila, and done! Of course, you can slather on more of Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce while eating! Serve with your favorite side. White rice? YES!

Again, thank you, Dick! It’s awesomesauce! I haven’t seen the sauce in the stores, but you can order them directly by clicking below.

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Westhaver of Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce through my friend Joe DiStefano at Meatopia 2012.

I am open to cooking with anything, because I like to “Iron Chef” it out in my kitchen. If you have a product I can cook with, may it be a utensil or ingredient – please send me an email.

This post was sponsored by Dirty Dick’s Hot Pepper Sauce. Thanks Dick!

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